This is my first attempt at a blog. I’ve thought about it for a while. Starting one, I mean. I’ve been dared to start one before, but I never committed till today.

I am a introverted College Student who is planning on being a Fashion Merchandising major. Kinda silly, right? A person who is introverted selling clothes and blogging. I have to laugh thinking about it.

I have this sad-looking Scottish-fold as my background because that’s kind of how I feel. I don’t know what you will think of me.

I promise I won’t bore you, at least I hope not, and I can tell you about a great deal of things. Sad things, happy things, informative things… Things I just need to get out too. Why not. I’m an introverted seller who has lots to talk about. ^_^

Stick around and hopefully you’ll find something from me that will help you.

Small edit: The little kitty is no longer my background because it makes the blog to hard to read. 😦  But I attached it. 😀Image