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I am pretty sure this statement is said by those who just want to watch people freak out, though it is originally intended to make one feel calm and better about their choices.

In high school it was, “Don’t worry. You’ll figure out what college you want to go to soon enough.” It isn’t true. When you are a Junior, it is best to have an idea of where you want to go. Then you have to submit applications which you have to have a number of things including: a copy of your transcript, a few references, your ACT and/or SAT scores, essays, there’s an application fee and a housing fee, and you need your Social Security Number.

“But it’s okay, take your time.” I never bought into this. I know how fast time seems to speed up as I get older. Every year it gets shorter and shorter. I felt terrible for those who did believe it because I had to watch them suffer over it. I warned my closer friends but still struggled to warn others when I could. Maybe I sound like Chicken Little “The sky is falling!” but time waits for no one. Not even the Queen Bee or the Artist or the one who just tries to fit in.

In college it was similar, “Don’t worry. Picking a major takes time.” You have four years of college. Only four. If you go through all that time, you’ll come out with a General degree. There are majors that need more time and few that need less. The average amount of hours to take is about 125. You have about a year and a half to two years to take all of your Liberal Arts, about 53 hours. That is not a lot of time.

I made it into college and had no idea what to major in. Did I want to double major? Have a minor? Just a major? I didn’t know what to pick. “You have time.” Freshman year I took Liberal Arts and no major specific. Sophomore year I took more Liberal Arts and a few classes focused on a major. During this time I was eliminating what I wouldn’t take and found a few that I would. So I took two or three classes related to that major and just added them in. Spring Semester of my Junior year I became a Fashion Merchandising major.

I still see people I started with changing their majors many times. My first roommate changed her major 7 times freshman year alone. I guess my main point, besides you have no time, would be you need to carefully position yourself to finding what you want and quickly. There is no more room for procrastination. No more time to be an ignorant child. (though you can be an adult with the heart of a child or rather, yes, you can have fun when you are an adult. ^_^)

I guess that’s my words of wisdom for the day. I hope you find it useful. 🙂

Do you really have time to procrastinate?