One thing I don’t do is tell. I sit there, waiting for you to figure out what I want, did, or whatever and you never answer. I sit there waiting patiently. I so much wish you could read my mind, or that I could force my thoughts on you. But I can’t, and neither can you.

I fight myself, staging a battle where half of me wants to shout out what I want to say while the other half wants me to be silent and is the larger army of the two. The Silent stand tall with blank stares and are unmoving. The Shout are smaller in stature and rowdy and constantly trying to shove past the Silent. Only small amounts get past the Silent.

You can see the battle going on within me, if only because I twitch and jump.

Maybe one day my courage will be large and you will know.

“I broke the glass.” “I want a cookie.” “Can I please have a cookie?” “Will you go clean the car?” “You are the person I’ve been waiting for.”

Maybe one day I’ll say, “Let ME tell YOU.”

Today was interesting. I worked at Starbucks for 5 hours after 6:30 am. Then I went to class, and right after, I went to my internship for almost as long and then I returned to Starbucks at 7pm to work again till close. I also bruised my hand on a handicap sign. seriously. 🙂