Since I’m a senior, it’s only appropriate that I post about my time as a college senior. I mean, it’s okay because I can share my wondrous wisdom about school. . . . Okay not really. I have done lots, but there is quite a bit that I didn’t do. How bout I do it list style?

What I have accomplished:

1. Joined a social club. It’s called G.A.T.A. No Greek social for me. ;D It stands for “Girls Aiming Towards Achievement.” Not to shabby. I love all my girls because they are a great support. My pledge/club week was probably one of the easiest on campus.

2. Joined a academic? club. Not really an academic club, more of a writing club called Scribblers. You bring stuff you’ve written and it is critiqued by everyone present. You can ask for help if you’ve gotten stuck, but the opinions might get you more lost. It’s a pretty awesome place to be

3. I didn’t gain the “Freshman 15″ first semester. I did gain a bit second semester, but I was really stressed… -_-”

4. I had a 3.8 G.P.A. first semester, but I haven’t gotten that high since. Currently I have a 3.1. At least I can say I’ve been on the Dean’s List for my resume.

5. I have worked. I worked in the Career Center, at Java City, and at Starbucks. I’m currently working Starbucks and interning at the costume shop for theater.

6. I went 4, I think it’s four, semesters without having a single loan.

7. I have never tasted alcohol. I’m way sure I’d be an irritating drunk, but really I’d rather not demean myself to stupidity.

8. I’ve never had a boyfriend. Honestly, I’m good without. Guys are still really immature (they don’t really mature till way later), but I also haven’t had that “I must absolutely marry this man!” feeling yet. I’m doubtful of it.

9. I’m a Christian and my faith hasn’t changed. Though sometimes it’s hard to talk to people about it because I’m scared they’ll take my personality as a “Holier-than-thou” sort of person but I’m not. I have my sins. Just because it isn’t sex or alcohol related, doesn’t mean I don’t have issues. For instance, I’m really paranoid sometimes. o-o

10. I’m not rich and I own a MacBook Pro. It was a graduation gift.

11. ummm…. I have lots of friends and now talk to guys who are not my brothers. I used to think I had more guy friends then girl friends but I was SOOOO wrong. Now I have a bunch of guy friends. -_-‘

12. I only have two semesters till graduation. Don’t know if I’ll make it because tuition. belch.

13. I hate coffee and I drink it all the time. Of course, I think I’ve built up my immunity (that’s not quite right) to it. I still don’t drink it black. Blech. I am such a coffee raciest. Lol

14. I’ve been lucky with my roommates, at least compared to other people. My worst was a friend I knew I shouldn’t room with, but she was desperate. I should have said no. But the worst only really happened once or twice, so it wasn’t that bad.

I can’t really think of any more. I need some racist coffee. Ehem. I mean regular coffee. Or special Starbucks Pumpkin Spice coffee. Okay, you’ve got me drooling. I hope you have a nice day and hope your experiences go well.