I got off hand. I always forget what I want to tell you. I think of many things for you to know. But by the time I sit to write it all down, I lose the train of thought. I know, I should write it when I think it. But we all know that won’t happen. 🙂

Here’s a good subject: Rigoletto.

Rigoletto (the movie of 1993) is the reason I wanted to be a singer when I was younger. It is like Beauty and the Beast. You have the man turned into a beast because his looks curse him and he so becomes a cold man.

He leaves his Elven Kingdom because of his sorrow, in search of the cure: A kind and innocent soul that has to come to love him and show him that his face does not make him evil. His fiancee tries to help him, but she can’t reach him. She knew him from before, so she couldn’t understand (from his point of view).

The girl, is just like Beauty. They have a bit of a bumpy start, but he teaches her to sing because she asks (but also because it’s how he thinks he can help her). He insults her, she insults him. Then He sings:

And she regrets it.

Her friends are scared of the Beast but gradually come to like Him. But while the children come to love him, the adults are skeptical and filled with the same hate the Beast has for himself. They believe that the Beast is taking their homes and destroying their livelihood. But he is not.

The townsfolk tell Beauty if she wants to participate in the singing concert, she must not go back to the Beast. She choose not to leave, but he still forces her away because all their work would be for not if she did not go to the concert to preform.

When she goes, tragedy strikes. A girl (Beauty’s friend) falls into the Dam and the Beast saves her, taking her into town. So she can get help. It takes him a long time because his leg had an old injury. The townsfolk believe he is the monster his face says that he is, when he arrives with the girl.

They beat him within an inch of his life and he dies. Only after he dies do they realize their mistake. They bury him. But he reappears and is completely healed. They don’t know it is him, but the Beauty suspects that it’s him. The balance was restored, the curse broken, and he can finally return to his kingdom.

I have not seen the opera and don’t know how much it is like the movie, but that’s okay. The movie is beautiful enough for me, at this point.

Ribaldi/Rigoletto: I never lie. A lie is a black hole that grows deeper and deeper, getting blacker and blacker, swallowing everyone who happens to stumble into it, then when all are consumed by it, friends, loved ones, family, all, do you know what happens?

Bonnie Nelson: What?

Ribaldi/Rigoletto: It turns into a great black beast, which turns on its creator and devours him – or her.

Bonnie Nelson: [tremulously] I never lie, either.

Lying is bad as this movie shows. The person who acts out what Rigoletto says is the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper’s lies end with Rigoletto’s death.

Bonnie Nelson: I’m a good singer!You wouldn’t know a singer if it sang you to sleep! You have no heart, do you? No feelings! You’re ugly inside and out!

Ribaldi/Rigoletto: Ugly? Ah, that is a word I know the meaning of well.

When Rigoletto tells Bonnie she sings like a goat, she gets mad and says hurtful things, but the Beast knows Beauty doesn’t mean what she says and she regrets it when he sings “The Curse” to her.

Maybe the reason I loved it so much was how psychological the movie was. There were so many causes and effects and things that went into this movie. Of course, the music is amazing too.

(2:24 is where “Let Me In” starts)