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Here’s to today. The Bison’s have won their first game. GO BISON! We love our Bison and even more, our Thundering Herd or the band. Our band is amazing. They are small but mighty and loud! I sat behind them and it was simply amazing.

I haven’t been to a football game since freshman year, so it was quite the experience. I don’t remember if we won that particular game.

I haven’t a clue who we were against, but that doesn’t matter much. We were promised fireworks but unfortunately, there’s a burn ban, so no fireworks. 

I ended up leaving at half-time because I was cold and couldn’t stand to watch the other team get butt-whooped any longer.

The lovely people who live above me were being loud once more today. I haven’t a clue how they could be so loud. This particular time, they sounded like they were being murdered. Or playing tag-football.

So my roommate did the logical thing. She called public safety (our Campus Police so to speak). They went and talked to them. How could two bodies be so loud? Are they elephants? Do they like to stomp?

But what do I know? I lived on the first floor freshman year and third floor sophomore and junior year. I was NEVER so loud that the people below would complain.  Well, my roommate complained, but she had sleeping problems and said that I was loud in the mornings. The kicker about this? She never went to bed before 1am. With the lights on. -_-” I was the one who got into trouble, but our dorm mom showed her she was being hypocritical.

But none of that matters. What really matters is that I seriously love cats. Okay that doesn’t really matter either. But if you need a pick-me-up, cats can help (any animal really), or you could look at this