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My past roommate was like an abusive love. She would be really nice 90% of the time. The rest of the time, she was horrible.

Let’s call her RM.

Whenever I don’t have a place I want to go, I usually tag along with someone else to see what happens. Because of this, I did some acts of kindness for RM and she said some really mean things. She mistook my niceness and indecisiveness for “push over” qualities. It really hurt. It affected me for weeks and I wouldn’t admit it.

She had acted like she told me an important part of myself and not something horrid said.

So I got defensive ( pushed over the edge. guess I am a push over. ): ) and did the opposite of what she had said. She threatened to move out and said I had problems and she couldn’t live with me if I didn’t see a councilor. She never did and I didn’t.

The last time, she had her art moved her art work from the couch to the table and I needed the space and she wasn’t there so I figured it was okay to move it back.

RM yelled at me saying I didn’t respect her as an artist and threatened to throw my sewing machine out on the ice. That was the worst thing could ever say. I am, by all rights, an artist too.

I cried and I didn’t let her see or know. I refused to talk to her. I really couldn’t without the heartbroken sobs escaping.

Then I finally realized something about her. RM is terrible. She commits horrid actions and acts like nothing is wrong.

I realized I couldn’t live with her ever again. She was alright as a roommate if you looked over the fact that she only cleaned when she had to.

She was a good friend but not so much more than that.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, I am known for being over-dramatic, but people can be harsh and it’s all you can do to not scream and maintain a smile.