If I had to give one problem that I have, it would be my inability to keep my mouth shut when something mean could be said.

I almost always regret saying it, unless someone is asking for it. I literally mean asking for it. I had a man-child ask me once if I thought his club A, we’ll call them A and B to keep it simple, was better than club B. I told him Club B was better, if only because they talked to me. His club didn’t. I didn’t know anyone new in club B so it couldn’t count.

He proceeded to grab my hand and demand that I apologize for what I had said. I was not in the wrong. He wanted my opinion and I gave it. I felt the tremors of a man-child who could be a future wife abuser. I felt demoralized by the situation and didn’t talk to him for a really long time.

Though, I really shouldn’t have apologized for insulting him. He wanted honesty and when I gave it, he was angry and tried to “correct” my behavior. I started hating his club more because of that and had even less contact with them.

I don’t think I liked very many in that club, anyways. Over 4 years, I think I liked under ten of them.