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By innocent, I really mean child. Child-like wonder. Being so young and innocent. Scientists say that your brain doesn’t really develop all the way until you get into your twenties. That the lines between reality and fiction are blurred.

When I was younger I had the worst imagination. No matter how many times I told myself there were no monsters waiting to eat me in the dark, I couldn’t calm myself. The worst one was this woman with her head rolled back and extra limbs charging at me. I could almost hear her say, “you look delicious!” and let out a scream. The only way to get rid of her was to turn on the lights and hid under my sheets.

Illogical because if she were real, I would be dead. I still get a bit nervous, just thinking about her.

There was no way I could be somewhere by myself in the dark. When I stayed up longer than the rest of my family, I would wish someone were awake with me.

Remember that one video where the car goes through the fog and a person jumps out and screams? I screamed and cried hysterically. I couldn’t stop myself. My family tried their hardest not to laugh because I went full hysteria in two seconds. I wasn’t angry at them for laughing, I was scared. I couldn’t control myself.

When I finally was able to calm myself, I decided I would stay away from stuff like that. No scary movies, books, lights stay on at night, etc.

I had a sleep over with a close friend and she had this thing where she would cover up completely and pull the blankets around her neck. It was at a time when vampires became super popular and my group of friends read anything they could get their hands on with vampires.

I spent my last semester in a first floor apartment by myself. Before I went to sleep, I would always check all the closets and some of the cabinets. Sometimes I couldn’t fall asleep until everything was checked.

I have since graduated and now live in an apartment by myself. Maybe it’s because I’m on the second floor but it’s different. I don’t always check. I just know no one is there.

My point is, after drawing it out, is that children see things differently. I still get scared, but it’s for real things. Not imaginary. There are no monsters only horrible imaginations. Which is why when a child is scared, even if it seems silly, you should do your best to comfort them to the best of your ability.

After all, It’s all apart of growing up.