I figured I should do this because I was reading over my “Life as a College Student” and I really should clarify or change some of the things that I have said.

I received a 4.0 G.P.A. at the end of the semester. It’s awesome when you work hard and have great professors. Feeling like I actually learned something, instead of feeling like I did not, is a beautiful sensation.

I should have my loans paid off pretty quickly. At Least I hope so.

I have tried alcohol. It wasn’t anything special. The hype is too great. Of course, my first drink was at a pub with friends who were on their phones all night… I would have rather had some soda or coffee.

Still no boyfriend. (Totally not a problem.) Just as an update since I said I got through school without one.

Being by myself has really hurt my faith. Or rather my church going. I did go to this one church for a while but it was hard. There were people I know and like there but there were also some people who gave me looks. Probably because I’d been going for about two months, not constantly. It was really off-putting. I stopped going the Sunday the topic was young people having trouble going to church. I really agreed with it, ironically. It’d be easier if someone could go with me.

MAKING MONEY IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING. It’s nice that I can DO things now. I think everyone should have a chance to know what being poor to money feels like. It’s like breathing fresh air. Comparing a dollar to a twenty. I feel much better about letting go of a twenty now. Before it had to be nearly life or death before letting go.

I have a car. A 2003 Honda Accord. I named her Arya (from Eragon) because I could.  I’ve really put the miles on her because of going home every so often. It’s a two-and-a-half hour drive.

As far as friends go, it seems like that they all disappeared. I’m so glad I have facebook or I’d really be lonely. (with the exception of the friends I see at work.) It’s amazing how some people you are only friends with because you see them all the time.

I live in an apartment by myself. It’s nice. Except when someone in my building decides it’s okay to smoke in doors, because that sucks. My apartment absorbs all the smell and everything I own smells like I smoke. It’s not easy to get rid of that smell…

My job is pretty cool, though it has a learning curve. I wouldn’t be able to do it if I didn’t go through school.

I kind of feel like “what now?” It’s weird.