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Remember how I mentioned I lost my job? Well, my car’s a/c stopped working and my roommates and I hoped it would be simple. Terrible words, haha, jinxed it over and over. 

I was completely distraught. First, it was only going to be a leak so they fixed it ($$$) and it didn’t work. Then they found out the compressor had indeed been damaged. It was $$$$$$ to fix it which made the overall cost go up. 

I had just gotten of the phone with my dad, excited that it was simple after all. Then they gave me the bad news. There was only one other person in the waiting area. I tried to hold it together, but for the obvious reasons, I started crying. (I really hate crying. It’s the worst.)

 The lady tried to comfort me, after being just as shocked as I was. She said there was no shame in crying after hearing such a blow and anyone would. 

I thanked her and mentioned that it was really hard to think about the cost because of being in between jobs, and she said that one needs a car for getting a job. 

I smiled at her and said that I needed to find my friend as they were getting us person to drop us off and borrow my other friend’s truck to wait another 3+ hours. 

As I turned the corner she said “I’ll pray for you.” I turned around and gave her my thanks. Even if I lost all my money, God would still be on my side. I really appreciated that she was so kind.

I was upset as you could imagine but I tried to see the brighter side. We waited all day to be called and finally found out it would be ready by 5:15pm. We picked up the other friend from work and made our way over. 

I was filled with dread and duty. 

The mechanic said he had some good news regarding the bill and asked me if I wanted to know. I said, yes but reluctantly.

He said someone overheard what we spoke about and that she paid my bill when she paid hers! I almost fell over, crying in relief and disbelief. She left me a note:

I never got her name and I don’t know how I can repay her other than to do my best and find a job until the one I’m “promised” for has an opening for me. 

To her: thank you. You are indeed a special angel and I am so grateful to you. I won’t let you down.